One Month Anniversary


Greetings resident book and candle lovers!

I'm KaShawn the owner and candle creator of Written In Wax. I figured I should introduce myself after hiding behind the scenes and lurking on Bookstagram. A more detailed meet the owner post is coming soon but that's not why I'm here today. I'm here to celebrate the one month anniversary of Written in Wax being open and these magical candles entering the world! *Runs around throwing confetti and crying* In one short month YOU have made running this business an absolute joy and fulfilling process. I wanted to take the time to thank you for every kind word, purchase, and congratulations. I take such pride and care in delivering a product that you love and making sure your hard earned money is spent on a worthy product. I also wanted to share some shining moments from the past month here at Written In Wax. Let's start the highlight reel!

Most Popular Candle

Ya'll must love an excuse to celebrate as much as I do because our Book Birthday Candle has been flying off the shelves! You love the sprinkles garnishing the jar and the smell. The most popular comment is that it smells like Funfetti Cake. I wanted to make sure I offered you a candle idea that was unique but still filled your bookish heart with joy so I'm glad you love this candle as much as I do! A whopping 88% of our May/June orders included this candle. Here's a pic from Jena who made a purchase with us, she posted this on her instagram @readrinserepeat while burning her Book Birthday Candle :D


First Rep Search

 To kick start the first month we held our very first Rep search over on Instagram. I was astounded by the turn out! Over 75 people entered. It was so difficult choosing from all the amazing entries and the number hung at around ten for a very longtime. I had only planned to pick four reps but couldn't resist and settled on five instead. I eventually chose: 







I mean could you resist a feed like this one....

Although I couldn't choose everyone, the enthusiasm got me excited to offer up bigger and better things for you all in the future. Moving forward future rep searches will be for two month periods so that's SIX opportunities throughout the year to become a rep for us! Our next rep search begins in Mid-August so mark your calendars.



Candle Unboxings


With the flurry of all these great moments package unboxings are by far my favorite thing! You all have been posting videos unboxing your candles and seeing them for the first time. Your initial reactions to the scents, gushing over the labels and candle designs, and your delight when you see I've included something extra! (All of May/June orders included a free 2oz candle) has brought an indescribable surreal joy to my heart. I worked on Written In Wax for almost eight months before it came to life and it's still like a dream seeing people with products I hand poured and scrutinized until I got them exactly right. These were by far my favorite moments. 


 What's Coming Up?

Their are so many great things coming to Written In Wax I can hardly contain myself! We value quality and customer service above everything so some things will happen sooner than others but plenty is on the way. Many of the candles from our summer collection will be announced this week and be on sale in time for 4th of July weekend. A detailed post of all of the new candles will be up next Thursday. Plus we're bringing custom candles to the shop!!! You asked and we answered. Many of you inquired about this and  custom candles will be on sale once we list the last round of new summer scents. For the last bit of news, we're working on our first limited edition candle box set! I'm ecstatic about this! Testing for products in the box are in the early stages so those will be released in August at the earliest. I want to make sure that they are extra special!


Those are all of the updates....for now :-). This blog will be updated regularly with the inside scoop so watch this space. What are you most looking forward to from our shop and what do you want to see? If you've purchased a candle please let us know your thoughts! Thank you again from the bottom, brim, top, and corners of my wax melted heart. One month down and many more to go! I'm going to light Book Birthday in celebration, and remember the story doesn't have to end with the page. 


                                                       XOXO KaShawn,


                                                        Written In Wax

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